How to Clean Hard Floors Without Water

clean hard floorsWetting a hard floor is a no go. It can damage the wood. Also, it begins processes that will result in the inevitable destruction of your floor. Even water mopping the floors is out of the question. It will get moisture inside of the wood which can and will result in cupping.

That is a process where the wood begins to swell and rise above the center of the floor. It results in an uneven and ugly floor.
Here are some helpful tips on how to keep your hard floor in perfect condition

The best way to prevent a hard floor from getting dirty is to never wear dirty shoes on it in the first place. If you can always turn to house slippers.

Vacuuming and Sweeping

One of the ways to clean such a floor is by vacuuming. Before you begin make sure to take off your shoes. They may get the floor dirtier than it already is. Vacuum the floor daily or at least once a week. Do it with an attachment fitted to a wood floor.

If possible, turn off the interior rotating brushes or beater bars. Also if you can use the barefoot setting on your vacuum to cut the risk of scratching it. Regular vacuuming helps to protect your floor from scratches and more. This is because it removes dust and dirt particles who are one of the main reasons this occurs. You can as well sweep the floor with a soft broom to keep away the said dust and particles.

Doing this you will keep the floor clean. Deep clean the hard floor only if there is a need and nothing else can be done.

Mopping the floor

If you spill something on the floor make sure to immediately wipe it off. Use a dry cleaning cloth and immediately dry the wet spot. Another way to clean the floor is by using a mop with as little water as possible. Dip the mop into a bucket of water then wring it out as much as you can. If there is still water dripping when you are wringing the mop then there is too much water to use on the floor as well. Make sure to wash the mop as much as possible to prevent making stains and only losing your time when cleaning.

Regular maintaining is an important part of keeping your home hard floor in good condition. But, don’t forget to arrange professional cleaning for your precious hard floor at least twice a year.

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