How to Repair a Wood Floor

wood floor cleaningHard floors are easy to scratch and this is not a secret for anybody. Be it when you move your furniture or when you bring small rocks stuck below your shoes. Escaping from scratches in the long term is something almost impossible. Here, you will, however, find a few tricks and tips on how to get rid of that nasty scratch from your beautiful floor.

Get yourself a marker

Begin by wiping the scratch. Use a soft cleaning cloth dampened with some water. Now while being gentle clean the surface of the scratch and thus remove the excess dirt and debris. Go to a home department store and find a marker that matches the colour of your floor.

Fold a clean cloth towel into four squares. Shake the marker first before opening it so that the ink can get out easier. Dab the point of the marker onto the cloths corner. Do this approximately 10 to 15 times so that the cloth can get dampened. Begin rubbing the stain onto the scratch. Always follow the grain of the floor as that will give it a more natural look. Or, you may try to use the marker on the scratch. But that may make the scratch more obvious and will also make the scratch rather darker than the rest of the floor.


If the scratch is a bit shallow you can always turn over to sanding. Make sure to first clean the required area with a microfiber cloth. Combine it with a hardwood floor cleaner and begin swiping. Remove all the surface dirt and dust particles. Now wipe down the required area with a wet cloth. That way you will remove any cleanser left on the spot. Give it some time to completely dry before proceeding to the sanding itself.

When the spot is dry begin by rubbing it with a fine steel wool. Always follow the grain of the wood making sure that you do not ruin the floor even further. Once the scratch is eliminated make sure to sand the edges of it as well. That way it will completely blend in looking like nothing happened there. With a clean cloth wipe over the area removing thus any dust left over from the sanding. To seal the scratch use a wax stick and rub it above. Give it about 10 minutes to harden up.

With a clean soft cloth rub the area above the wax. This will smooth the area, remove any excess wax and restore the former shine of the floor.

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