Meet our budget-friendly hard floor cleaning services in London

Hard Floor Cleaning London Ltd. is proud to announce you the full portfolio of our comprehensive and efficient hard floor cleaning services. We have designed an essential guide to keeping a hard floor clean and intact in many ways. You can choose any or all our affordable and competitive floor cleaning services London. Check out more details about them now!

Stone floor cleaning service in London is a specially tailored cleaning service for stone floor types. It is suitable for natural stone materials – including slate floors, travertine floors, limestone floor, sandstone floor, marble floor, granite floor and many others. It is important for such floor type owners to use professional assistance into maintaining it, because the delicacy of the material creates a big risk of damaging it during harsh scrubbing of stains or wrong polishing. Instead, you can use our modern help that includes full stone floor restoration – keeping and making it pure, shiny and bright as it is like new again. All the materials we apply are 100% risk-free, with no abrasive elements that are harsh and tough on stone floors, but only organic polishers with maximum effect.

Solid wood floor cleaning service in London makes it easy for a wood floor owner to maintain perfect hygiene with zero bacteria and no spots. We can remove any stain type – blood, grass, mold, dirt, coffee, greasy and food stains. The deep cleaning restores the wooden material from the inside without making it too thick or thin to damage or to get lost. On the contrary: we are ready to prolong the life of your solid wood floor, so you can enjoy it for many years and have it sleek and smooth. It is recommended to use solid wood floor cleaning service at least 2 times per year for good and permanent effect.

Engineered wood floor cleaning service London is another good alternative for wooden floor type. Of course, we recommend it especially for engineered wood floor types. However, it can be used only for fast and common refreshment for other wood floors. In all cases, this is a procedure that eliminates the dirt and minimizes the dust afterward. In addition to these, engineered wood floor cleaning service represents one of the newest revolutionary approaches into risk-free wood maintenance by making it sleek and really shiny.

Hard floor polishing service in London is for those of you, who desire smoother and shinier wood floor whether at home, or in the office, an industrial space, warehouse, or shop. We apply very tender and 100% hazard-free polishing materials to give a nice brilliance that will last for long. But the main success of this service is that the cleaners remove the upper coat of the damaged wooden material to polish the above layer and make it really beautiful, hygienic and non-slippery, which we know is very important for families with kids or mature people.

Commercial floor cleaning service London is oriented to our business clients. We have many of them and we are really glad to be their constant business partners. The service is available for any commercial properties: shops, office spaces, whole buildings and studios. We are flexible and understanding and we will come at any convenient for you time: before, during or after the working hours.

Dear customers, we would like to announce you that all the regular and loyal clients receive special offers from us! In addition to these, we give a discount on each next service booked with us. So book more and pay less with our trustworthy hard floor cleaning company! Call us at 020 3404 4215 to arrange your order right away!