Anti-fatigue mats: How to Choose the Best One

matsDo you feel soreness in your legs and feet after spending hours of working on your standing desk, in the kitchen, or just about anywhere standing on your feet?

The designers and producers of the modern anti-fatigue mats promise to help resolve the issues with the soreness and discomfort of spending long hours standing up. The anti-fatigue mats are made in a way so as to relieve the pain in the legs and help restore the proper blood circulation in the feet when standing up for long periods of time. These standing mats are also said to improve the overall posture.

Employers are rushing to purchase anti-fatigue mats for their employees because it has been proven that they can benefit the health and thus reduce the need for sick leave and help increase the productivity at the workplace by an estimated 35-40%.

When you are choosing the best anti-fatigue mat for home or commercial use, you need to actually address your specific needs and ask yourself the following questions:

1. What will you be using the standing mat for?
2. How big should the mat be, and are you planning to keep it on the floor permanently or roll it up and remove it after the work is completed?
3. What firmness level are you looking for in your standing mat – hard, soft or medium?
4. What level of responsiveness are you looking for?
The responsiveness is the ability of the mat to return to its original shape and form as soon as you move from it. The better the responsiveness, the better the effect on decreasing fatigue it has.
5. Does the mat keep its thickness even when weight is put on it? If it is too soft it can have a negative impact on reducing the fatigue.
6. Does it provide sufficient stability?
7. Does it slide around? Sliding mats can be potentially dangerous, so keep in mind this factor when looking for the best anti-fatigue mat.
8. How durable is it? How long will you be able to use it before it bottoms out and needs to be replaced?
9. Is it easy to clean and maintain?
The perforated and rough surfaces are sometimes very difficult to keep clean and sanitary, so keep this in mind to avoid it becoming unhealthy and unpresentable after time. Most professional carpet cleaning companies offer high-quality anti-fatigue mat cleaning, so you should check your local cleaning service for the prices for this service.
10. Does it come with a guarantee of some sort? Some manufacturers offer a lifetime guarantee for their standing mats, so this is something you may want to consider when picking the best standing mat.
11. Is it environmentally friendly and non-toxic?
Anti-fatigue mats are an effective solution to problems of fatigue and pain from standing for extended periods. The 2017 standing mats presenter here all encourage better blood flow, help with posture, and relax your muscles. They save on additional costs due to injury, fatigue and missed work.

If you own a business with employees standing in front of machines all day, take the time to calculate all the costs and decreased productivity caused by sick leave and absenteeism. Downtime will cost much more than investing in anti-fatigue mats that will provide better working conditions for all.

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