Hard Floor Cleaning London Ltd. FAQ About Our Services

Below you can see the answers to the most frequently asked questions a customer is concerned and interested about! Check them out right away!

How often should I clean my hard wooden or natural floor?
It is a must to deep clean your hard wooden or natural floor at least twice per year. However, regular maintenance and cares are a must, too. In case of often stains and dirt, better apply for more regular cleaning.

How long is the hard floor cleaning service?
Usually, our diligent and helpful hard floor cleaners need about an hour for a single room. In some cases, the procedure can be longer – especially if there are many stains to be pre-treated or cracks to be filled. If your order cleaning plus polishing, the procedure last about 2 hours.

What should I provide you with the floor cleaning service?
You don`t have to buy or provide us anything. Our professional hard floor cleaning is equipped with all the necessary materials – eco-friendly cleaning tools and detergents, modern devices and machinery. The whole equipment – including the special remedies for polishing, bad odour or stain removal are included in the price. You only need to provide us some parking space, so our team of experienced and  skillful hard floor cleaners can leave the van with the cleaning tools.

Is there a way for me to keep the floor shiny and clean for longer after the service?
Yes, there is. You can require for a special sealant to be applied directly on the repaired and polished floor after cleaning. This sealant is 100% risk-free and it does not cause any slipper effect. It only serves as an additional protection against dullness and new stains, dust or cracks.

How can I pay?
Our reliable hard floor cleaning company London provides various payment methods for the services. You can pay with many card types: credit and debit. You do not pay anything in advance and there are additional fees for booking. We also don`t extra charge for weekends or holidays. You only pay for what you get and after the service is performed.

Are your hard floor cleaning services safe?
Yes, they are 100% safe and secured. The hard floor cleaners are experienced, talented, educated and well-trained in advance. They are fully vetted and you can leave them to handle the procedure even when you are out of the home. In this case, you only need to leave them some spare keys or individual instructions if you have personal demands. The hard floor cleaning services are fully insured, too. In case of any omission, we will cover all the damages. Just give us a call right after the service within a reasonable time.

Can you remove stains or cracks from the floor?
Our hard floor cleaning services do not incorporate only sanitizing or disinfection tasks against common dirt and dust. We also remove stains of all types: blood, red wine, grass, coffee, other drinks and foods. Pre-treatment of the stains is obligatory and we always test the remedy on your floor in advance to make sure we will not damage the floor. Cracks can be also eliminated whether of your natural stone or hard wooden floor. We use diamond pads, sealing machinery and polishing techniques with innovative systems to remove the dullness, too and to make the floor shiny and smooth.

Do not hesitate to give us a call in case you have any other questions to ask. Contact us via this phone number at any convenient for you time: 020 3404 4215!