How to Clean Glass Surfaces: 15 Easy Tips

glass_tableTired of finding those fingerprints and ugly smudges on your beautiful glass coffee table day after day? Here are some tips on how to clean glass surfaces fast, and make them look perfect and stain-free:

#1 Use a microfiber, silk or chamois cloth, or a squeegee to avoid leaving behind streaks after the cleaning. Stay away from paper towels.
#2 An old trick is using crumpled newspaper to clean a window, mirror or another glass surface. It leaves the surface impeccably clean and streak-free.
#3 Find a clean spray bottle to mix the cleaning solution in and use for spraying the glass surfaces.
#4 Mix the safe, green and cheap homemade cleaning solution with a cup of white vinegar and four parts of lukewarm water. If you can, use purified (distilled) water, because it has no chemicals and minerals and thus is less likely to leave stains on the glass surface. Purified water also helps keep the dust off of the glass surfaces for longer.
#5 If you are washing your windows, it is recommended that you place old towels beneath them on the window sills to keep the dirty water from the window to drip down and soil them.
#6 You can either dip the microfiber or other soft cloth in the cleaning solution and use it to clean the glass surface, or you can spray the solution directly on the glass and use a cloth or crumpled newspaper to wash it.
#7 Remove any stains or spots on the glass solution by rubbing them. Wash and polish the glass surface by wiping it first in vertical strokes and then in horizontal ones.
#8 Take some time to clean the corners and difficult to reach places with a toothbrush or a cotton swab.
#9 After you are done, buff the glass surface with a cotton cloth or a dry crumpled newspaper.
#10 Club soda can be used for cleaning glass surfaces as well.
#11 If you don’t have a newspaper, some coffee filters will do a perfect job of cleaning the glass surface.
#12 The oily and waxy film can be removed from glass surfaces with a mixture of white vinegar, water, and some liquid hand dish washing solution.
#13 Cloudy glass can successfully be cleaned with a solution made of a ½ cup of rubbing alcohol, two tablespoons of ammonia and a few drops of liquid dish washing solution. Cloudy glass surfaces can also be cleaned with the help of some shaving cream.
#14 Lemon juice is also an excellent solution for cleaning your glass table.
#15 Use some toothpaste to polish and remove any tiny scratches on the glass surface.

Don’t forget that you can always ask our cleaning pros for tip or help!

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