How to clean Dog Pee from a Wood Floor

dog on the wood floorAre you having problems with housebreaking your puppy and cleaning up after it? Even though the alternative of your dog urinating on your hard floor is better than doing it on your expensive Oriental rug, cleaning up the mess as well as dealing with the urine odour could be a bit challenging.

Here are some useful tips about cleaning wood floors from dog pee efficiently and safely for the flooring:

Be fast

Always act as soon as possible after the incident occurs. Soak up the excess pet urine with paper towels or an old cotton towel. Place them on top of the stain and step on it or press it in order to soak all of the urine off of your wooden floor. If necessary, you may need to repeat this depending on the quantity of urine. Do this until the towel remains dry and show no more transfer of urine on it.

Locate the spot

In case you can smell the urine but do not see where the actual stain is, either get down on your knees and sniff on, or use a black light to locate the exact spot of the accident.

Prepare a DIY cleaner

Mix a gallon of lukewarm or warm water with a half cup of white, distilled vinegar and stir the solution for a moment. Vinegar is an excellent and completely safe antibacterial solution and is also highly efficient in battling and eliminating bad odours, so it is perfect for this case!

Test the solution

Remember to try out any kind of cleaning solution you are planning to use on your wooden or another floor. Do this by applying several drops on a small and hidden spot and monitor for possible negative reactions. If the test is OK, proceed with the cleaning of the dog pee off of your wooden floor by spraying your homemade solution on the stain with a spray bottle. Let it sit for about 10 minutes and then wipe it off with a clean cloth.

Rinse the spot

After you are done rinse the spot with a mop and warm water. Use a dry sponge mop or a dry cloth to dry the spot. If you can still smell the dog pee, you can repeat the process of spraying, letting sit, rinsing and then drying the spot on your hard floor.

Remember to always take care of any urine stains on your wooden floor, because leaving them can cause the growth of bacteria, bad odour and can damage the wood by making it moldy! If the smell and stains can’t seem to get out, you should call a professional wood floor cleaning company to deal with the problem.

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