How to Remove Wax from a Hard Floor

remove wax from hard floorRemoving wax from a hard floor is not a tricky job. But if you are not doing it the right way you will risk doing more harm than good. So, check out some really helpful tricks to remove wax from your precious hard floor:

Using a Hair Dryer


The first method is to try and heat up the wax with a dryer. This method requires some patience, though. It takes some time for the wax to reach its melting point. If during that time you notice that the floor is changing the colour you should stop immediately. We recommend that you use a different method.

Heated Paper Towel


Another variation of this method is to cover the wax with some paper towel. When the wax has begun melting it should be easy to remove by using some cloth or a paper towel. If the wax spot is big or if it has gone deep into the floor consider repeating the process several times.

Wetted Cloth


Using a moistened with hot water cloth is another method that you may use. Keep in mind that this method works slower than the one described above. Knowing this you may need to repeat the process several times. Do that until you are able to completely remove the melted wax.

Quite the Opposite


It is possible to clean the wax from the floor by using cold instead of heat. Just put an ice cube on the spilled wax. That way the wax itself will harden and be easier for removal. Use something like a credit card or a dull knife and be careful when you scratch it from the floor.

Careful with the Chemicals!


Chemicals that we use for cleaning all our other belongings like sofas, tables and more will not always be the right choice. For when it comes to cleaning floors we should be careful. Never use chemicals that may in some way damage the hard floor. Always read for what exactly the chemicals are in use. Otherwise, you risk decoloring or even damaging your floor that way. If you are to use any kind of cleaners, please first make sure to test it on a safe spot before proceeding.

In the End


When you have finished with removing a major part of the wax just use a wet, soft cloth. That way you will completely wipe away the remaining wax. Each of these methods does a great job alone but if you try to combine them the result will be even better. So why don’t you give it a try?

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